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Information for Renters
We hope you find this page useful and informative
as you stay at Sun Valley Casitas.

Glass containers of any kind are not allowed at the pool site.
Please take the time to open and read the following documents. All residents including long and short time renters and owners are expected to adhere to the rules that help us all to enjoy this beautiful location.

Section 10 PARKING: “No back-in parking”
At the request of the City of Mesa Police Department, our Rules and Regulations clearly state that back-in parking is not permitted.
For the present, we will not fine you for this infraction of the rule. However, should the Mesa Police lodge a concern regarding our agreement or if the landscaping crew are not able to properly access the area behind your vehicle, you will be immediately notified regarding future compliance to the regulation. This can include a warning followed by a fine levied on the condo property, to be paid by the owner who will also receive a copy of this notice.
Thank you for attending to this important matter. Sun Valley Casitas HOA, Board of Directors
This relaxing of the parking rule applies only to the perimeter parking. Absolutely no back-in parking is permitted other than the property perimeter stalls. The covered parking and the stalls beside the covered parking must never be used for backing in.
This is to avoid fumes penetrating into living spaces.


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