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Safety and Security
Welcome to the new Safety and Security Page.
On this page you will find tips on being safe and keeping our Sun Valley Casitas property secure, contacts for non-emergency situations,
as well as updates regarding the work of the Safety and Security Committee.
Non-Emergency Contacts
Officer D.Blake direct line 480-644-5014, dawn.blake@mesaaz.gov
 Officer Blake encourages us to call her or email her at any time.
The following points are highlights made
at the public meeting on March 31/16.
When you are away for a short or long time:
  • Leave an inside light on a timer
  • Have someone of trust watch over your unit
  • Do not leave any valuables in your unit
  • Anyone leaving vehicles should not leave any paperwork (such as insurance cards) or  anything with an address  to make it easier for thieves to target your unit
  • It is suggested to not cover your vehicle if there is a chance that your parking stall can be linked to your condo unit number. This is an indication that you are away from the property. 
  • Leaving home? Lock that door! Check that lock! Be double sure and engage your dead bolt!
  • Keep the windows of your vehicles clear. Don't cover them with heat retardants etc.
  • Think very carefully before you decide to cover your car with a tarp or a car cover
Help Us Help You!
If you have some property damage or a theft of property please report it to the Mesa Police.
Even if you feel that you cannot recover the property, it alerts the Mesa Police to activity in our complex. This can only help us all.
When you go to this website www.mesaaz.gov/police
you will find a treasury of information about keeping your personal property safe. 
Go in and browse! You will be amazed at the helpful information
you will find regarding safety and security.


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